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About Us

A vintage handmade carpet from the Vintage Rug Company is one of the most desirable items you can buy for the home.

Our handmade carpets are generally wool on a cotton warp, very hard wearing and durable, and suitable for heavy traffic. They will last for many years and are often considered family heirlooms being passed from generation to generation.

They are considered by many as works of art, taking skilled artisans up to a year to weave.

The Vintage Rug Company is listed amongst the top 5 UK eBay sellers in carpets and rugs. When buying your carpet from us you are benefiting from over 20 years experience. Our carpets are sourced from around Europe and are fresh to the UK market.

Not only are you buying a unique, and often rare item, but our excellent feedback should assure you that we take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Please check our other items as we list a wide variety of vintage carpets from prayer mats to large room size, hall runners to stair carpets every week.

Below you will find details on the carpet, our operating and returns policy and definitions on conditions. It is recommended you read these before bidding and please feel free to ask any questions, we are happy to help



It is advisable to read our full returns policy. However, in brief , you may return the carpet in cases of misrepresentation for a full refund including postage.

Please remember different monitors can reflect a slightly different colour to real life so it is best not to be overly specific in your colour scheme, trying to match to an exact shade of green for example

The Vintage Rug company has excellent feedback as we endeavour to help our customers as much as possible, please contact us to solve any problems before leaving feedback

If we can do a ” Buy It Now ” on the carpet it will be on the listing already.

In order to keep costs low, and reflect this for our customers we do not have premises open for viewing. The carpets are photographed then immediately packed for dispatch.

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